NeedForTrade Studio is a unique powerful commercial platform for financial charting and technical analysis.

You can buy NeedForTrade Studio here. Please, take a look at the NeedForTrade Studio Features.

Please try our FREE NeedForTrade Studio Lite, which is as powerful as full Studio, except that it doesn't support strategies: Studio Lite Overview.

Platform has a built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE), that supports creating your own technical analysis indicators and strategies.
These analysis techniques can be tested and optimized in real-time or on historical data.

System provides all necessary facilities to easily create strategy or indicator for every trader's idea.
All analysis techniques are created on C# or Visual Basic languages. Application is based on Microsoft .NET Framework*.

This grants user maximum possible ease of use, functionality and performance. It has unique architecture, that lets it be the same time very simple but powerful. Writing custom analysis technique is as simple as in TradeStation. No other trading platform on the market has both of these advantages.

You need to write only code, specific to your strategy or indicator. Everything else will be done for you automatically.
For advanced users there is full featured debugging support. Your analysis tehcniques are generated in pure .NET languages, allowing to debug them in many non-commercial and commercial debuggers.

NeedForTrade Studio will never restrain your imagination. It allows you to have unlimited charts, symbols, historical and real-time data. Data can be acquired from from different data providers or from text (ASCII) files. Multitude of technical analysis indicators and strategies is shipped with the system.
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You can buy NeedForTrade Studio here.

To download FREE NeedForTrade Studio Lite, please click here.
User Interface
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Development Environment
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Multiple Charts
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Symbol Database
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