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Analysis Technique Variable Store

Variable store allows to save variables between analysis technique calls. It can be used to, for example to hold previous function values or to store function contexts (see previous value based functions). 


Stored variables can't be passed to Functions as reference parameters.


For Functions only: if there are at least one defined stored variable, then function automatically gets first parameter of type FunctionContext that must be passed in function call. See previous value based functions for details.


See the list of available stored variables types.

To edit analysis technique stored variables

  1. Right-click on the analysis technique code editor.
  2. Select Variables Store from the context menu.
  3. Variables Store will appear on the screen:


Stored Variable is described by the following fields:


To add stored variable right-click in the Variable Store box and in the shortcut menu select Add Variable and special form will appear. Use Insert Variable if you want to add your parameter inside parameters list. To edit your prameter use Edit Variable and to remove use Remove Variable.


In this form enter Variable name, Variable type (choose it from the drop-down list), Parameter default value (if this field available) and Variable description(optionally). Then click Save if you want to save this parameter or Discard if you don't.



See also Indicator Creation Tutorial, Strategy Creation Tutorial, Function Creation Tutorial.