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Chart Properties

To access Chart Properties

  1. Make the Chart Window window the active window.
  2. Click the right mouse button anywhere in the chart window background and select the Chart Properties from the context menu or double-click anywhere in the chart window background and Chart Properties will appear.
You can see Chart Properties window below. See also details about working with Properties Windows.

Category Default Trade Size lets you specify default trade size that will be used for trade orders, when no trade size specified:

If In Shares/Contracts    is set to Yes  then Default Trade Size is specified via Shares/Contracts property. 

 holds . Valid range is .

If In Shares/Contracts is set to No then Default Trade Size is specified using the following properties:

  1. Minimum Shares/Contracts
  2. Price Per Trade
  3. Round to Shares/Contracts


Category Pyramiding includes cell Pyramiding Type. See Pyramiding.


Category Strategies includes the following cells:

  • Commision - holds commission.
  • Commision Type - specifies commission type (PerTrade or PerShareOrContract).
  • Interest Rate (%) - specifies interest rate.
  • Max Opened Position - specifies maximum number of shares/contracts that open position can contain.
  • One Order Per Bar - if set to Yes then only one order per bar is allowed. Additional orders will be ignored.
  • Slippage - specifies slippage. Slippage is the difference between symbol price at the moment when you place order and the real trade price.
  • Slippage Type - specifies slippage type (PerTrade or PerShareOrContract).
  • Starting Capital - holds starting capital
  • Temporary Drawdown (%) - lets you to adjust temporary drawdown of your capital that often takes place just after every new trade. Lets make backtesting more correct.


Also this properties window includes Description Box. This box reflects which field of Chart Properties is active at the moment.

See also Creating Chart Window, Formatting Chart Window, Chart Style, Price Chart Properties.