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Edit Symbol

To access Edit Symbol

  1. Make the Chart Window window the active window.
  2. Click the right mouse button anywhere in the chart window background and select the Symbol Properties from the context menu or double-click anywhere in the chart window background and Symbol Properties window will appear. 
  3. Click Lookup in the General tab and Symbol Lookup window will appear. 
  4. Select symbol to edit and click Edit Symbol or click Add Symbol to create new one.
  5. Edit Symbol window will appear.

You can see Edit Symbol window below.

Use Edit Symbol window to adjust symbol properties.


Properties presented here are very dependent on symbol Type that you select. Some of properties are optional.


To create symbol you must specify at least:

  1. Type
  2. Exchange (to edit exchanges list press button)
  3. Symbol Name
  4. Data Provider


For different types of symbols you must specify additional properties.


To create symbol click OK button.


See also Exchange List, Symbol Sessions.