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Editing Strategies

This feature is available only in NeedForTrade Studio.

Use Code Editor to Enter or Edit a Function Code. See also Working with Code Editor.

There are several types of strategies available. See Strategy Types.

To open shortcut menu Click the right mouse button anywhere in the Code Editor window.


In this menu there are standard auxiliary functions for the editing the code of the Function:


Another function in this context menu is Go To Definition. With it's help you can quickly go to the definition of required Analysis Technique. To do that click with the right mouse button on the analysis technique you want to open and in the context menu choose Go To Definition.

To use analysis technique it must be built. Use Build Technique Analysis function from this context menu. If there are no errors in the Function it will appear in Browser with the green tick. See also Working with Browser. Otherwise list of errors will appear in the Task List.


There are also main auxiliary fields for the editing Function in this menu:


See also Editing Indicators, Editing Functions, Data Available in Analysis Techniques.