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Real Time Strategy

Real Time Strategy lets you make trading decisions on every tick. Real Time strategies are more complicated then Closed Bar Strategies. Use them only when you realy need their additional functionality.

Trading order generated by Real Time Strategy is executed only if it's condtions are met.


Real Time Strategy can be marked to execute before other strategies. To do so set Initial Calculation property to True in strategy properties. See Analysis Technique Properties for details. It can be helpful in writing custom stop loss and profit target strategies.


There are some additional properties available in Real Time Strategies:

    bool BackTestingExecution // Returns True if strategy is executed on historical data, False otherwise
    bool RealTimeExecution    // Returns True if strategy is executed on real-time data, False otherwise
    BackTestPriceType BackTestPrice // Returns back test price 
    double BackTestPriceValue // Returns back test price value


Real Time Strategy can specify stop loss and profit target parameters. See Specifying Stop Loss and Profit Target parameters.


To place trading order call suitable method. There are four possible trade order types: