NeedForTrade Documentation

Working with Chart Browser

When you apply an Analysis Technique to a Chart it will appear at Chart Browser. Use Chart Browser to open Analysis Tecnique's Properties and to Remove it from a chart.

To open Chart Browser

There are two different ways you can use to open Chart Browser. The first way is:

  1. Use the View menu.
  2. Select Browser.

Another way is to click the Chart Browser toolbar button.

You can see Chart Browser window below.

Click right mouse button on the Analysis Technique's name to open shortcut menu:


  • Select Remove to remove this Analysis Technique from a chart.
  • Choose Turn Off(Turn On) to disable(enable) analysis technique calculation. Turned off analysis techniques are marked with the red cross.
  • Use Move Up/Move Down to move analysis technique within the list. Order of analysis techniques affects the order in which analysis techniques are calculated and are drawn on the chart.
  • Click Properties to open Analysis Technique's Properties. See also Line Indicator Properties, Histogram Indicator Properties and Strategy Properties.