NeedForTrade Documentation

Adding Symbols to Trade Grid

To add a Symbol to Trade Grid

There are two different ways you can use to add a symbol.

+ By typing symbol name in the Underlying column - alternative #1 (click to view)
  1. Type symbol name in the Underlying column of an empty row.

  2. Press ENTER key. 

  3. Select required symbol type from context menu.

    Symbol Type Submenu

  4. Then choose required symbol from the context menu.

    Select Required Symbol

+ Using context menu - alternative #2 (click to view)
  1. Right-click on an empty row. Select Insert Symbol... from context menu.

  2. Set Data Provider in Symbol Properties dialog.

  3. Type required symbol in Symbol text box and click Lookup link.

  4. Select symbol type in context menu.

  5. Select required symbol in context menu.