NeedForTrade Documentation

Inserting New Empty Row

To create Trade Orders first you need to add Symbol you want to create trade order for. See Adding Symbols to Trade Grid.

  • Right-click on the corresponding Symbol row that has opened position to show context menu.

  • Select Trade from context menu.


  • Select Close Position from context menu.


  • Select Close Position from context menu.


  • Limit order will be created and placed under corresponding Symbol row. Limit price will be equivalent to Ask for Buy order and to Bid for Sell order.
  • To transmit order press T button. See Transmitting Order for details.

Inserting New Empty Row

+ Using context menu (click to view)

  • Right-click on any Symbol or Empty row where you can add new Empty row.

  • Select Insert Row from context menu.



Learn how to:

Create Buy Order,

Create Sell Order,

Modify Order,

Transmit Order,

Cancel Order,

Close Current Position.


See also: Removing Symbols from Trade Grid, Additional Trading Information.