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TradeOrderCollection Class

Represents collection of TradeOrders.


TradeOrderCollection members:


    // Properties

    // Indexer to get TradeOrder by index
    TradeOrder this[int index]

    // Trade orders count in the collection
    int Count

    // Current market position in shares/contracts     
    int CurrentMarketPositionValue
    // Count of opened orders     
    int OpenCount

    // Constructors
    public TradeOrderCollection();
    public TradeOrderCollection(TradeOrderCollection items);
    public TradeOrderCollection(TradeOrder[] items);
    public TradeOrderCollection(bool processOrderStatistics);

    // Collection support
    void Add(TradeOrder value);
    void Add(TradeOrder value, long key);
    void AddRange(TradeOrderCollection items);
    void AddRange(TradeOrder[] items);
    void Clear();
    bool Contains(TradeOrder value);
    TradeOrderCollection GetTradeOrders(Bar bar);
    TradeOrderStatistics GetTradeOrderStatistics(string tradeOrderName);
    int IndexOf(TradeOrder value);
    void process_order_statistics(TradeOrder order);
    void RemoveOrder(TradeOrder value);
    void RemoveOrderAt(int index);

Trade orders are counted from 0 to Count.
To access 10th trade order within collection use the following syntax: trade_order=trade_orders[10];

TradeOrderCollection can be read-only.
If you will try to change elements of read-only collection NotSupportedException exception will be generated.