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Instrument Class

Represents instrument (symbol).


Instrument members:


     // Properties
     string SymbolName     // Symbol name
     string SymbolRoot     // Symbol root
     string Description    // Instrument description
     string Currency       // Instrument currency (e.g. "USD" for US Dollar)
     string InstrumentTypeString     // Instrument type string (e.g. "Stock" for stock) 

     TimeZone TimeZone     // Instrument time zone
     Exchange Exchange     // Instrument exchange

     double BigPointValue  // Dollar value of a full one point move 
     double MinMove	// Minimum movement allowed for this instrument 
     double OnePoint	//
     double PointValue	// Smallest one increment price movement ( =BigPointValue / PriceScale )
     double PriceScale	// Fractional portion of a full point move
Instrument properties are read-only. You can access instrument properties by using dot operator. For example: description = Instrument.Description;