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Debugging Analysis Techniques

Debugging is a process of removing errors from analysis techniques.

Prior to debugging analysis technique must be built. It's highly not recommended to use debugger on real-time charts or when you need to take trading decisions.


To debug analysis techniques:

  1. Start debugger. See Starting Debugger
  2. Ensure, that all analysis techniques you want to debug are built with Debug Info property set to True.
  3. Load source code of all analysis techniques you plan to debug (you can load additional source code at any time later). See Loading Analysis Technique Code in the Debugger.
  4. Set Breakpoints (if required).
  5. Add analysis technique to the chart. See Applying Indicator, Applying Strategy.
  6. Navigate through the code, set/remove Breakpoints, Watch variable values.
  7. When finished, detach debugger, by selecting Debug->Detach All from Microsoft CLR Debugger main menu.

    Tip: you can attach/detach debugger unlimited number of times without restaring debugger.


After debugging, set Debug Info properties of analysis techniques back to False to ensure maximum calculation performance of these analysis techniques.


See also Building Analysis Techniques, Working with Exceptions.