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Exporting Report

You can export selected report pages to file in HTML format which can be opened and printed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word and many other programs.

Exported report will consist of one file with <Report Name> and .html extension and one folder with <Report Name>_files name. To move or copy exported report please be shure to move/copy both file and folder.

To prepare report for exort you need to add Report Tab Pages you want to be in exported file to the Report Export List and organize them in required order.


Exported reports can be found in the My Documents/NeedForTrade/Studio/Reports folder. Alternatively you can open this folder by using Start->All Programs->Need For Trade Studio->Folders->Reports Folder menu item from Windows Start menu.


To add Report Tab Page to Report Export List

  1. Make Report Tab you want to export active.
  2. Click on Add To Export button at the top of Strategy performance report window. 
  3. Active Report Tab Page will be added to Report Export List. (Note: each Report Tab Page can be added to Report Export List any number of times).


To organize and Report Tab Pages order to in Export List

  1. Add any number Report Tab Pages you want to export to Report Export List in any order as described above.
  2. Make Report Export Tab you want to export active - it should look like that:


  3. Use click on the report item in the list to change its order or delete it from export list.
  4. Use Move Up, Move Down and Remove buttons to organize items within the list.


To export report press Export button. Standard Save File As dialog will be shown. Enter required file name and click Save.