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MultiLine Indicator Properties

To access MultiLine Indicator Properties

  1. Make the Chart Window the active window.
  2. Click the right mouse button anywhere on the MultiLine Indicator and select the Graph Component Properties from the context menu or double-click anywhere on the MultiLine Indicator and MultiLine Indicator Properties will appear.
You can see Multiine Indicator Properties window below. See also details about working with Properties Windows.

First category name (MACD) corresponds to Indicator's name. It appears if Indicator has some input parameters. For this Indicator it's Length. See Analysis Technique Parameters

Category BasedOn includes the following cells:

  • Data # specifies number of the symbol to base Strategy on (1 to number of symbols applied on the chart). See Multi-Data Charts.

Every MultiLine indicator Plot has it's own style (see MultiLine Indicator Plots):

  • Color specifies Indicator color. You can choose it from the standart Palette Window. Valid range is any color.    
  • Dash Style specifies the dash style of indicator. It can be Solid, Dash, DashDot, DashDotDot and Dot. See also about Dash Styles.
  • Line Width specifies Indicator width. Valid range is from 1 to infinity.
  • Show Updates specifies, whether to show cuurent plot value on Y axis.

Category Layer includes the following cells:

  • Scale Type specifies type of scale. It can be Shared, Screen, UserDefined and Parent. See also Scale Types.
  • Transparency percent specifies transparency of graph component. Valid range is from 0 to 100. "0" is untransporent and "100" is fully transparent. 
  • Use Antialiasing specifies if to use Antialiasing. Valid variants are True and False.

Category MultiLine includes the following cells:

  • Displace specifies displacement of indicator. You can displace it to the right or to the left with integral number of bars. Valid range is any number.

Also this properties window includes Description Box. This box reflects which cell of MultiLine Indicator Properties is active at the moment.

See also about Indicators.