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Report Indicators

Report Indicators are special functions written to analyze trades made by Strategies. You can create your own Report Indicators just like a Function analysis technique (select File->New->Report Indicators from main menu).


System is shipped with the following Report Indicators:


You can use Historical Data and TradeOrders made by strategies applied to the symbol on the chart to calculate chart data points.

You can set value of Report Indicator using Value keyword.

Optionally you can use Color and BackColor keywords to set foreground and background colors or Report Indicator value in the Custom Report.

Report Graph Components can have Parameters just as Function analysis technique.

To set value text formatting use Value Formatting property. See Analysis Technique Properties and .NET Numeric Format Strings.


Example (TestReportIndicatorFormat):

Value = Data[1].Bars[0].Close;
Color = Color.Green;
BackColor = Color.Gray;


See also Creating Function.