NeedForTrade Documentation

Trade Graphs Tab

Trade Graphs Tab lets to draw trades-related charts.

You can work with the chart just like with any other chart int the application. See Working With Charts.

You can apply Report Graph Components to Trade Graphs Chart.



Chart Presets are used to save charts and their style.


To load Chart preset

  1. Initial Trade Graphs Tab view when no chart is loaded:

  2. Select preset from Select preset list.


To create Chart

  1. Click Add button. 
  2. Enter new Chart Preset name in the Create Preset dialog:


  3. New chart will be created:


  4. Use Browser to drag-and-drop required Report Graph Components onto the chart:


  5. Chart now should look like that (added ReportEquityCurveLine Report Graph Component):


  6. Apply additional Report Graph Components (if required) to the newly created chart and apply Formatting to it.


To edit Chart Preset

  1. Load Chart Preset you want to edit (if it is not loaded already).
  2. Click Edit button. 
  3. Edit button becomes red - you can can apply Indicators and Formatting to the chart.


To remove Chart Preset

  1. Click Remove button.
  2. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.


You can also Rename and Copy presets by using additional actions submenu available by pressing button.


See also Exporting Report.