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Formatting Indicators on the Chart

To format indicator, double-click on it in the chart window or right-click on it and select Graph Component Properties.


Common indicator properties:

  1. Based On - use this property to select data to calculate indicator on. See Multi-Data Charts.
  2. Layer - use this category of properties to adjust scale, transparency and antialiasing of the Line Indicator.


Each indicator has it's own set of parameters (inputs) - use this category of properties to work with input values of indicator. This inputs are indicator-specific. See Analysis Technique Parameters.


Use Line Indicator Properties to adjust following aspects of Line Indicator:

  1. Line  - use this category of properties to adjust Line settings of the Line Indicator.
  2. Marker  - use this category of properties to adjust Marker settings.


Use Histogram Indicator Properties to adjust following aspects:

  1. Histogram - use this category of properties to adjust Histogram settings of the Histogram Indicator.


Use MultiLine Indicator Properties to adjust properties, specific to Multiline indicator plots.  


See also Applying Indicator.